A month and a half on the transplant list. Yikes!

Annabelle is doing so-so.

On a positive note, she is sleeping well, is generally happy, is doing well with PT/OT (Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy,) had has the most organized room in the ICU thanks go our wonderful nurses (and a new plastic bin from target!)

On a negative note, she is having fevers more persistently, and we aren’t sure why. On Thursday she ran a fever ALL day. We gave her Tylenol twice, and it only climbed higher. That evening, we gave her motrin, and it finally broke, just to reappear again in the early morning. Friday during the day, she was mostly fever free, but she ran another fever of 102 this morning.

We’ve sent every culture imaginable, viral swabs in her eye, nose, mouth, and urine/rectum cultures, as well as blood cultures. So far, no growth. Her CRP and CBC numbers (the blood tests that show elevated numbers like white blood count that are a sign of infection or that your body is fighting off an germ) are all low.

The doctors still think she may have some kind of virus in there, however there is still the real possibility that our “heart” fevers of December/January, the ones that kept us in the hospital for Christmas, are back.

As a mom, this prospect is scary. Also, on Thursday, her BNP number (again from a blood test) was VERY high. A normal BNP for a non-heart patient is well under 200 (depends on age and other factors.) For the last month, Annabelle’s have ranged from 500 to 1500. This number indicates her degree of heart failure.

Her number on Thursday had bumped from 1000 to almost 3000.

She has been this high before and it’s come down, so I’m anxious to see the number when we retake it on Monday. If it is still elevated or higher, this will be a pretty not-great sign.

Medical detail stuff aside, we are just praying for a heart really soon. I know I say that every post, but every day it gets a tad bit more urgent, more scary.

On a GOOD note, my GABBY comes back this next week on Thursday! I miss her SO SO SO SO SO much, I can hardly stand it! Everytime I’m able to skype with her, my arms ache to scoop her up and smother her with hugs and kisses. I feel like she’s starting to get “used” to not being here with us, and while I am SO thankful that she is doing well, her home is here, and my heart aches. It really really does.

Also, my little Lacy turns SEVEN next Friday. It’s gonna be a busy, fun week… although I’ll gladly add “new heart” to the weeks festivities!

On a separate note, are you allowed to have unspoken prayer requests on a blog? If so, I have one, that I don’t really care to broadcast to the world, but it is a situation near and dear to my heart, and I’m in a lot of prayer over.

THANK YOU everyone!!! Blessings to you, and to God be ALL the Glory!

Karalynn and Lacy with Annabelle tonight! They love their little sister, and Annabelle loves her big sisters!

I love this pic for 2 reasons. First, Annabelle took her binky out of her mouth and is examining it very closely. Second, Karalynn is giving bunny ears. Very classic Phillips’ family!

 A WONDERFUL preschool class who has followed Annabelle’s story on my blog colored and mailed pictures for her to the hospital! Now that we have more wall space, we made a collage! (is it sad that I had to ask Karalynn how to spell that? If that’s wrong… it’s her fault! HA!) 

Annabelle LOVES being on her belly. I still think she’s praying for her heart… her little alter:-)

Daddy and Annabelle snuggling! He officially rocked her to “conked” land!



  1. Annabelle is such a cutie, praying for your family and Annabelle to get a new heart soon!

  2. praying she gets a heart soon. LOVE all of the pics. she is sooo cute!!

  3. Prayers and hugs, Krista.

  4. Praying and believeng for Annabelles God crafted heart.

    Just a thought are fevers from teething?

    Speaking her imune system will line up with the word of God.

    All agreeing with Annabelle and her prayers

  5. Awww…. Ms. Jennifer checking in to say how glad she is you got the pictures! They sure do add some color to the walls! 🙂 The kids have been asking me if you'd gotten them yet, so they will be thrilled to see the picture you posted. We are praying for you all!

  6. Prayers for a heart and for all of you, Krista, but especially for your private request.

  7. Krista, I don't comment every time, but I read every post. I often don't know what to say anymore, except I love you and am praying for you and your family. I KNOW God will see you through this. It doesn't seem like enough, but I know it is the ULTIMATE gift and I know God is hearing all these prayers for your precious family.

    <3 you!!

  8. Isaiah 53,5
    We continue to Thank our Fater wich our in heaven, Thank you you hear our heart for Annabelles Heart. Thank you heveanly father for her new heart that you have already made. For your Glory all to see you are the healer. Thank you for Annabelle
    A mighty child of God. And for her beutifull family whom you love so dearly. Thank you for healings and for peace to those who have there loved ones in heaven doing works for their return, You are such a mighty LORD.

    We speak Psalm 91 Over Annabelle and her family they are under your wings. And to all else who are reading may they feel your peace and love psalm 91 over them and there familys as well.

    Much Love he does hear our prayers. Thank you for standing in the gap for all heart patiants.

    They who wait on the LORD.
    renew their strength.

    Wait and Know
    I am God.

    Jehovah Rophe The LORD our Healer. exodus 15:26

    Jehovah Jireh – The Lord will provide-Genesis 22-8,14

  9. Annabelle is certainly the most stylish girl in the picu. 🙂 I'm praying for you and your family during this time. Keep trusting.

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