So, I’m going to try and post about once a week now unless a huge prayer request happens between postings… so we’ve graduated from “days old” to “weeks old!”

Annabelle came off the ventilator on Sunday afternoon (8/22), and has STAYED off so that is a VERY good thing!

We’ve had a few scares with low oxygen levels and are still struggling with it from time to time, but overall she is doing very good!

She also did a swallow study where they made sure that she had 1.) the suck/swallow skills to eat from a bottle and 2.) that she could coordinate her swallow and breathing right so the milk will go into her stomach and not try to go down her trachea (I have NO idea if that’s how you spell it!) She passed it as long as she uses a slow flow nipple, so woohoo! Soon we should start to give her bottles by mouth as a trial! This is a HUGE accomplishment, but there is much to do on the feeding front in the future, as this is a big area of concern and hardship for cardiac (especially hypoplast) babies.

Unfortunately, we also received some very discouraging news yesterday and today. They had switched her heart medicine to “post-extubation” medicine, which was good because that was the last step before getting out of ICU and into a regular patient room.

But, they did an echo on Thursday and it showed that she was having some kind of leaky valve (I won’t go into the technical terms of what was happening) so she has to go back on her original medicine. Because they can’t give that particular medicine outside of the ICU (for babies anyway) this means we are going to stay put.

I clarified that today, how long this meant, and received a pretty hefty blow. Evidently they are now not anticipating Annabelle to go home at all between her first and second surgery. Which means we are going to be in the hospital at least another 2 or 3 months. Wow. Just typing that overwhelms me.

A billion thoughts and worries come into my mind, about work and money and childcare and schedules and… well, just a lot of stuff.

I KNOW God knows it all. He has it all worked out, and I don’t have to fret. It isn’t easy though. AT ALL!

So I’m choosing to look at the bright side tonight. While my baby being in the hospital for so long is devistating, I’ll be honest and say that while I was excited at the thought of taking her home, I was also scared to death. We live a good 40 minutes to an hour from the Children’s Hospital, and a good 20 minutes at least to the nearest any-kind-of-hospital. What if something happened? How would I know if she was having a bad spell? Could I REALLY do baby CPR if it came to that? I seriously want to throw up at the thought.

I am believing that there is a reason God wanted her to stay at the hospital and not come home right yet. God knows what is best for her, and I am resting that his perfect will WILL be done. He will work all the “but what about _____”‘s out in his perfect timing.

Please don’t think I am super woman and am handling all this so well. I’m not. I know HOW I should handle it, but practicing the whole not worrying thing is much harder than typing it on a blog. I’m working on it though. One day at a time, right?

Here are some recent pictures since I posted last:

8/24/10 – Annabelle with her “I love my Big Sister” bib. We’ll have to sew an S at the end of Sister though!

8/23/10 – Annabelle with her big sister Karalynn!

Annabelle with her Big Sister Lacy!!

Annabelle with her Big Sister Gabriella!

Annabelle in her “Daddy’s princess” outfit. She looked too cute! And was wide awake too!

Today! Annabelle snuggling with her Grandma Johnson again. She was conked out, let me tell you!


  1. Hi Krista –

    I'm glad to hear Annabelle has made progress. The pics of her and her big sisters are adorable.

    We'll continue to pray. Thanks for the update.

    Susan 🙂

  2. It is so hard to hear she will be in the hospital for so long, but I do agree with you, there is a reason and God is taking care of every detail. I will say that she looks better and better every time you post pictures. She is still in my prayers and won't be leaving them any time soon.

  3. Very hard news for you 🙁 You are right – God has a reason, but very hard to understand….. Will be praying. The pictures are beautiful!!! She is so precious!!! My mom just arrived here tonight and I read this post to her. Sending hugs from both of us.

  4. I will continue praying – that God works out all those details so you can focus on your family and getting Annabelle better.

    Wow Krista – you have some very pretty girls on your hands. How are you older girls coping? Any specific prayer requests for them?

  5. She is so beautiful, Krista! Continuing to pray for her… and you.

  6. Krista,

    I'm thinking about–and praying for–you, Annabelle, and your family.

  7. I am praying for you still! I LOVE her pictures–she is so so pretty!

  8. Katie, thanks for asking about my girls!

    They are doing well. Missing Mommy though. My biggest request for them at the moment is HEALTH. We are entering the cold season when someone if my family perpetually has SOME kind of cold, and obviously they can't come see annabelle if they are sick. And really, I need to stay away from them too so I don't get sick! I can't imagine coming down with a cold and having to stay home for that long of a time. I down Vitamin C every day to try and ward anything off!

    Gabby got sick this last week.. had a fever and really congested. Just normal kid stuff, but now they can't come to the hospital this weekend and I'm cautious about going home. It's beyond frustrating! *sigh*

  9. You have such a beautiful family. Still praying for you all.
    Blessings and hugs,

  10. Oh Krista, I'm sorry about her having to stay in the hospital so long. I know this puts added stresses and worries on your plate. But as you said, God knows and has His reasons. He will work it out.

    Your family and Annabelle are high on my prayer list, girl!

  11. Annabelle is beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pics.

    Annabelle and family or in my daily prayers. Hugs to you all.

  12. Oh, Krista, Annabelle is soooo beautiful. Thank you for the update.
    Will keep praying for her.


  13. Oh Krista! I'm so sorry to hear that you're in for more time at the hospital. That's got to be heart-wrenching. I just cannot imagine the stress you're feeling right now. I'm lifting you up!!

    And Annabelle looks so beautiful, as do all of your daughters. You're truly blessed. And God-willing, one day, all of these difficult days will just be the memories you talk about at Annabelle's birthday celebrations.

  14. She is such a sweetie!

  15. Goodness, I have missed a lot! Look at that precious face and those proud big sisters … sweetness! Congrats … and I will pray for her continued healing.

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