This last weekend was fairly uneventful, thank goodness!

Scott and I spent some (much needed) time away from the hospital as Saturday was our 11th wedding anniversary! We got a hotel room not far from the hospital and can I tell you? It was wonderful to sleep in a bed that is not folded out from a chair!! Then yesterday we spent the afternoon going shopping (I bought books and baby clothes… imagine that!) and then went to the Cheesecake Factory for a combined lunch/dinner. MMMMmm! And YES! I got cheesecake!!

Not much change for Annabelle. The nurse and I have declared her room a “no party zone” meaning that we cannot have those parties where doctor’s and nurses come running to her room to see what is wrong… I HATE those parties! Have had enough of them! I am so ready for some GOOD parties again!

Other than that, they weighed her last night and it showed, again, that she had lost weight. Since she’s intubated though, there is no telling how accurate it is, but she’d gotten up into the 9lb range and now she’s back to the 8lb range. Ugh! But, she’s on full feeds again FINALLY, so we are hoping that she gain it right back!

They have her heartcath scheduled for Tuesday afternoon. This is a HUGE prayer request! While it is a very routine procedure, it isn’t without risk itself. And once we get the results, they will schedule her surgery. The cardiologist and surgeons have a big group discussion on Thursday mornings, so they will most likely schedule it at that time. If I had to guess, I’d say the surgery will be on Friday or Monday, as they did note since she is intubated, they want to get it done as soon as possible.

I gotta tell you. I’m excited and scared all at the same time. Doing the Glenn early is very risky, but so is leaving her in her current condition. But… I’m also believing that God will use this so that Annabelle can come home early. I’ve prayed all along that she would be home for Christmas (not knowing that would be her FIRST time home…) Then, when we found out she had to stay, I told God that it would be an extra, extra blessing if He could allow her home by Thanksgiving.

My eldest daughter remarked to me the other day how COOL it would be if Annabelle was home by her birthday (November 6th…) and I totally agree!! So, please please join with me in praying that her surgery (whenever it is!) goes WONDERFUL and that Annabelle is home just as soon as Jesus sees fit to bless us with her presence there!

I am believing that Jesus is mighty and knows the PERFECT time for her surgery and the PERFECT time for her homecoming. I am resting in that, and giving each day to Him.

Also, please add another prayer for all the other little babies going through similar situations. My heart breaks as I read other mom’s/dad’s blogs, meet other parents here, that are going through just as much, if not more, pain and waiting. If I listed all the ones I know of, this blog would be VERY long, so I won’t do that. But there IS a little one who has a condition similar to Annabelle in our hospital, who is going through some very not-great complications (he is bruising all over his body… his ears and eyes were pure black at one point…) Doctor’s don’t know what is causing it, but your prayers for healing for little James, wisdom for the doctors, and peace and comfort for his parents are appreciated as well!

Now, for some Annabelle pictures!

 Snoozing on her vent again…

She LOVED Jody’s new book… finished it all then the meds put her to sleep again…

The nurse last night surprised me and dressed her up during the night… a pretty big task with that particular outfit while she is on the vent! I was duly impressed! And oh my goodness, doesn’t she look adorable??? She’s my little ballerina:-)
 A close-up of my little dancer this morning!
This was last week the day before she had to be reintubated… snuggling with Papa Phillips!! I can tell he was just itching to give her ice-cream! (I think he gave all my children their first taste of icecream!)


  1. Krista, God has been using you and Annabelle both from the moment she was born. Your words are reaching more than you realize, and we can see how He is working in your life, hers . . . and ours.

    LOTS of prayers for Tuesday and in the days to come.

  2. Praying Hard!

    Love the pictures!

  3. I love that picture with Jody's book. 🙂


  4. I am so ashamed that I missed your anniversary and after all the hints you left! So sorry. 🙁 But HAPPY BELATED ANNIVERSARY! So glad you hear you were able to take a quick breather and spend a few moments with your hubby.

    Will be praying for Annabelle. God has her in His hands. And she always will be.

  5. So precious! I LOVE the picture with Jody's book! You all have been in my prayers and will continue to be, and adding sweet little James to the list as well. So glad you all could celebrate your anniversary 🙂

  6. You are on my heart.

    What a sweet picture of babe w/ TPB. What a genuis child.
    ~ Wendy

  7. What a little sweetheart! Love the pic with Jody's book. Glad you got to celebrate for your anniversary.

    Praying for you all.

  8. I definetly agree you are reaching more people than you have any idea about. We have all come to love you and your whole family. Annabell has touched so many lives around the world and she isn't even getting started! Praying for a GREAT November of celebrations! ~CHERI HORGAN

  9. My heart breaks everytime I read your stories! Your faith and cheerfulness in the midst of this is amazing. God bless you and Annabelle! (She's so cute!)

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