Annabelle had an okay night. She’s still needing pain meds super
regular, every 4 hours on the dot, if not every 3 1/2 hours. For a while
she was screaming when she hit that point, now she just lays in her crib
moaning and groaning. It is awful!!! And she won’t let me hold her to
make her better… she’s in a “don’t touch me” mode at the moment.
🙁 They’re looking to see if they can increase her pain med dose… I think they
gave her a smaller dose because they assumed given her history, she’d be
slightly more pain tolerant than most kids. So they’re looking at
increasing the dose a little so she’s not getting in pain quite so

Our goal is to go home today, but I’m not 100%
sure that is going to happen. She is still on oxygen. We can wean it
off most likely, but when she gets to hurting or coughing, she dips
quite low. And there was a period last night that she was staying high
80’s so we had to go back up on her oxygen quite a bit.

also has decided that when she cries, she should hold her breath. She
then turns smurf-like and hits her low 80’s/high 70’s for a moment, then
pops right back up. It doesn’t last long, but while Mommy LOVED her
smurf Annabelle back in her half-heart days… she really wants to take a
PINK Annabelle home!

She also threw up her feed last
night. A lot. This could be a mixture of anesthesia and the fact that
they skipped her Ranididine yesterday morning, but the doctors do NOT
like puking after tonsils are out as it increases risk of bleeding. They
said they may start her on Zofran to see if that helps her tolerate for

Today’s Prayer Requests:

  • That we can manage Annabelle’s pain well
  • Handles feeds, and that Mommy can figure out the best “way” to
    feed her. She’s had such issues with GI things in the
    past and we’d finally gotten into a pattern that works for her, both
    physically and developmentally. I’m realizing it might take some
    work/time to get her back to her handling our old “schedule.” And
    friends, this is NOT AN EASY TASK!
  • That we can wean OFF oxygen ASAP
  • That we can go HOME… (I do NOT want to stay another day… I
    really really really really don’t, but I don’t want to take her home
    before she’s ready either. *sigh*)
  • A prayer or two for a sleep deprived Momma is appreciated too.

This feels like a bit of a downer update… it isn’t all bad though. She’s starting to be more alert when medicated instead of sleeping the whole time. She’s playing with some toys this morning, which makes Momma’s heart feel good! And she’s enjoying watching cartoons when last night she’d just glared at the TV when it was on while she was awake. I’m seeing “Annabelle” in those eyes now instead of a groggy, hurting little girl.

Yeah, I’m cool… saggin’ my really big pants… (they really need pink shirts here though… this blue stuff is for boys… and smurfs!)
Just out of surgery… the only time she’s snuggled with me! However, she was doped up on some pretty MAJOR pain meds…

Snuggling with her dolly but still pretty out of it.
Dressed and pretty blankets… but NOT PLEASED. This was most all of our day yesterday…
Annabelle: I just threw up… don’t judge.
This made my heart feel good. I cried. One handed… she played with her toy and even “chewed”, her favorite thing to do! It was the first glimpse of my Annabelle I had… at 11:30 last night right after she threw up;-)


  1. AWwww.. she is so sweet–I'm sorry she is going through this and will be praying she feels better soon!

  2. Poor baby. I'll be praying. If it makes you feel any better, when my then four year old had his adenoids out, he was a mess! He screamed for about an hour after surgery, vomited on and off, then laid limp with a fever for almost a week. I know Annabelle's situation is different, but maybe some of it is normal?
    Hope you get some rest!! Love ya!

  3. So sorry to hear this, Krista. Have been out of the loop, taking care of my mother in law after she had surgery. Will continue to pray for you all.
    Blessings and hugs,

  4. Jackson was on round-the-clock Zofran for TEN DAYS after his T/A surgery because every time we'd go without it or try to wean it (for the first eight or so days), he'd throw up. His ENT was a pharmacist first, so he was fine with keeping him on the meds longer than I think most docs would be, but still…. It made for a MISERABLE kid. I hope Annabelle doesn't have to do the Zofran stuff that long, especially with her history, and I hope you don't have to stay very long, KP. 🙁 I know you want what's best for her, but I also know you want to be home and not add to her hospital days counter. Continuing to pray for Belle and Momma!

  5. Oh Krista, I feel for you all! Praying!!

  6. Oh, that poor little girl. And poor Momma! I so hope you'll be able to go home soon!
    I'm praying for you all 🙂

  7. Will continue praying for all of you. Thanks for the update.

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