My Annabelle Lillian Faith is nine days old today!

No big changes. Still on the ECMO machine (I think that’s how you spell it… it is the heart/lung bypass machine) but all her stats are stable, which is good.

So far, no brain damage has been seen, but they are doing a brain ultrasound daily to check. Her kidneys look good too (she’s peeing… WOOHOO!!!)

They did see a severely leaky valve in her heart during her echo, which isn’t good, but it looked not as leaky today, which is good.

They also lessened the support the ECNO was giving for a while, and she remained stable, which is good too.

They also started her back on another drug that keeps her from moving. They’d just had her on the sedation drug (aka pain relief) so she wasn’t hurting, but she would still move some and open her eyes, and that SCARES me! It didn’t before, but now that her chest is open (ugh!) I just can’t stand the thought of her waking up with her heart sitting there beating for all to see. I know she doesn’t know it, and that she isn’t hurting, but it’s the point of the matter!

Side–non-Annabelle–related. Found out I won 2nd place in a writing contest today. While that is MUCHO cool and I’m so excited (it’s my first time to place in a contest) it truly puts things like that into a huge perspective. They matter very little in light of my little baby being okay!

Anyway, just wanted to update quickly since so many had asked. THANK YOU all for praying! I really do believe there is GREAT POWER in prayer to our almighty God, and just knowing that everyone is praying helps a ton. Scott and I are more grateful than we could ever express.



  1. Thanks for keeping us updated! You know we are all praying hard. I'm thankful she is doing as good as she is. One day at a time!

    Love you…(((hugs)))

  2. I'm excited for you about the contest but you're right, it does put things in perspective. I'm still praying for you all. And wow, nine days! πŸ™‚

  3. I'm still lifting you all in prayer! Yay for a less leaky valve. I'll pray the Lord rights it. And double yay for winning second place! Good things are waiting for you and your family. =)

  4. First congrats on the contest, Sherrinda let us on the loop know and I was very excited for you!!

    Second, my entire family is praying for Annabelle and I just heaved a huge sigh of relief that she is doing better. You are so right, there is power in prayer, THANK YOU GOD!!!

  5. Thanks for the update, Krista. I just asked my sister to include Annabelle and your family in her prayers. She's going through some tough times and finds it helps to pray for others.

  6. Still praying, Krista – but thanks so much for keeping us updated.
    Congrats to you about receiving 2nd place in TBL. So proud of you.

  7. Fantastic news, Krista! We will continue to pray that Annabelle keeps on the upswing and they you all are able to get some rest!

    Congrats on the contest – that's awesome!

  8. I will continue to lift you and Annabelle and Scott up in prayer. And the doctors too!

  9. That is great about the contest, but yes, a healthy Annabelle is greater.
    Will continue to pray!

  10. Hi Krista –

    Thanks for the latest news on Annabelle's condition. We're praying – have her on the email prayer list. πŸ™‚


  11. Sooooo glad to see an update tonight! πŸ™‚ I'm glad about your placing in the contest. That rocks! But yeah, I'm way gladder about Annabelle still doing well. πŸ™‚

    Love ya, KP! Still praying…

  12. Definitely praying! I am glad to hear she is making improvement, even if they are small steps.
    Congratulations on winning the contest. I know that relatively speaking it isn't nearly as important as Annabelle. But this is a great time to revel in ALL wins- no matter how big, small or what they're for! Your positive attitude is an inspiration!

  13. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Thank you for the updates.

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  15. Thanks for the update. Still praying and looking forward to praising and celebrating healing! Mucho hugs!

  16. Thanks for continuing to update us, Krista. I've been thinking and praying for your family.

  17. Oh, Krista, PRAISE GOD!

    Wow. I'm humbled that you would take time from your BUSY life to let us know.

    Thank you, dear one.
    May little Annabelle blossom RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES!!!


  18. I heard about your story from Casey's blog, and just wanted to let you know Annabelle and your whole family are in my prayers!!

  19. Krista, thank you for the update! I'm so glad she's doing better! Praying! And congrats on placing… that's awesome!

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