Annabelle is 2 weeks old today (or will be at about 11:17 this evening!)

She had a good day today… still trying to get her sedation just right so she doesn’t get so agitated, but I’d be agitated if I had 4 tubes sticking out of me, a tube in my mouth, a tube in my nose, and who knows how many IV’s! (Okay, so there are 2 that I can think of…)

They also restarted her feeding tube today (they had to turn it off yesterday for chest closure.) PLEASE be praying about this though, as Scott and I got back from dinner tonight and the nurse told us that Annabelle had blood in her stool, which could be a sign that she’s not tolerating feeding. They are going to do a stomach Xray to see what is going on, and have now turned it back off. 🙁

Personally… I think the poor baby hasn’t eat in 2 weeks so OF COURSE her stomach has to adjust … evidently though, they don’t like this. Probably has something to do with her still being on blood thinner as well. But anyway, feeding is hugely important, so please be praying that she tolerates it and that they can restart the feeding tube!!

Below are her 2 week birthday pictures:-) She was opening her little peepers good for Mommy at about 2:30 this morning!! Then she got mad so they gave her some more of the good stuff… 🙂



  1. What beautiful eyes!

    We'll be praying about the feeding.

  2. Praying for all of you. What sweet pictures.

  3. Thanks for my Annabelle fix tonight! 🙂

    Still praying for Simon's future wife. 😉

  4. Happy Two Week Birthday to Annabelle. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I'm keeping her in my prayers daily.

  5. What a sweety. I'm still praying for all of you too!

  6. Krista, she is sooo beautiful.
    I love the hope and the love in your every word.

    Lord, lay Your Loving Hands on Annabelle.


  7. She's so incredibly beautiful. Still praying and yay on the anniversary!

  8. She is soooo gorgeous! Seriously, Krista. You and your hubby make some cute little ladies.

    Will be praying about the feeding tube issue and continued healing!

    And what??? She's already betrothed????? lol

  9. Oh Krista – *tears in my eyes* – what a little angel!!! Happy Birthday, Annabelle!!!

  10. Yeah, Sherrinda, when Krista and I first got pregnant, we decided to just take the uncertainty out of the whole issue and just decree that Annabelle and Simon would marry each other. (I was assuming we'd have yet another boy, and she was assuming they'd have yet another girl.) That way we both KNOW what sort of in-laws our children will have. LOL!!! 😀

  11. Hi Krista –

    Oh, she's so sweet! At least she won't remember going through this rough time.

    Praying she'll be able to take food without a problem.

    Susan 🙂

  12. She's feeding again, so they think the blood in the stool was just "left over." Still waiting to see if she digests it well… we shall see!

    Having BP issues again though.. they switched to "after" chest closure medicines and she likes it a wee bit too much! So, mommy is on tickle toes duty. Her BP goes up a little when I tickle and wiggle her!

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