So far, we’ve averaged about 10 minutes a day for Annabelle’s glasses. I haven’t tried patching yet, hoping to get her more used to her glasses first before I introduce that!

I’m a little more okay with it today. Just had a nervous breakdown on Friday, me thinks. Glasses aren’t the end of the world, and they are totally normal, this I know. I have two other kiddos in glasses, and myself, and my hubby. We keep eye centers in business!

Still have no clue how to make her keep them on for more than a second. Those ten minutes are with me sitting with her and putting her hands down every two seconds to keep from taking them off.

And when she sees me coming with them, she cries and crawls the opposite direction! She is one smart cookie!

But anyway, I promised pictures, so here they are!

Trying on the store’s pair. Holy every-lovin’ terror.

The teacher look. “Mom. Get. Them. Off. Now.”

Maybe if I close my eyes long enough, they’ll disappear…

Crap, they’re still there. Didn’t work…

And this is just a cute picture. Annabelle and I went to our first “play-date” on Friday morning. She came home, I put her on the floor, she laid down immediately, and fell asleep. Play-date tuckered her out!!!!



  1. Awww….! Is it wrong of me to love the screaming fit picture? 🙂 I mean, have we ever seen Annabelle in a picture actually crying and mad? I love it! It's so… normal! 🙂

    Oh, and by the way, her glasses are ADORABLE!

  2. so sweet. Your daughters are all so beautiful and Annabelle always provides an 'awww' moment and often a little moisture in the eyes. Maybe if the two of you put them on together in a mirror, would she see the opportunity to 'be like mommy?'

    Maybe it's a little early. She'll get used to them soon (like the rest of us).

    It's unfortunate she needs them but glasses on little ones are so cute! why is that? the juxtoposition of a 'grown up' look?

  3. She's unhappy but still adorable! :O)

  4. Awww!! The crying one is so so cute!!!!! I'm sure she'll eventually get used to them and they'll become second nature just like anything else! Good luck!! 🙂

  5. SO SO SO CUTE! Annabelle's frames are so adorable!! Little girls in glasses are so cute!

  6. She does look darling in the glasses, even when crying. Perhaps they can give you an elastic strap that will help hold them in place at least until she adjusts. And she will adjust!!

    Carolyn (in Las Vegas)
    blog follower since last February

  7. She's so cute, love the pics!! Thank you for sharing
    In Christs Love

  8. Aww, she's a sweetie. I am sure it will all smooth out before long. Hugs! 🙂

  9. Two words: Duct Tape! 🙂

    Love you guys!!!
    -Annabelle's favorite Aunt (Kari…as if it even needed said) 🙂

  10. She's such a doll. 🙂 I saw your blog Friday (I think Friday) and didn't get to comment, but I did say a prayer for you guys and I still am.

  11. Ah I can comment now since I updated to Google Chrome!

    She looks so cute in her glasses, but oh she hates them!! Hopefully she'll discover soon how much clearer her world will be with them!

  12. She looks adorable … even when angry! I also love the "teacher" look. Praying she'll adjust quickly.

  13. Aw, those are such cute pictures! She's getting so big so fast. My girls won't even keep on sunglasses so I can't imagine how you're going to get her to keep these glasses on. Good luck!

  14. Well….that went well. Love the alpha bug pic, I have a similar pic of my daughter with her alpha bug 12 years ago 🙂

  15. Those are the cutest pictures EVER!!!! Annabelle rocks the glasses for sure.

    Praying she will learn to love them.


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