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This week, Anna Reese is more important!!! You may or may not remember, but Annabelle’s best friend is Anna Reese, her heart-buddy in the hospital who was there almost the whole time we were there. She was the one who would go back in the hospital, only to have Annabelle follow her days later (and visa versa!) We joked that they just were trying to find a way to play together!

Well, Anna Reese, against the predictions of the doctors, has been doing FABULOUS at home these last months and we are just tickled pink about it!

Today, however, she is back at Vandy having a heart cath to check up on things and determine some next steps, as her heart status is a super super complicated one.

They anticipate it being super routine, with only an overnight hospital stay, but nothing has ever been routine with Anna Reese in the past (remind you of a certain Annabelle we all love??), so just asking for your prayers this morning for this precious little girl who is so near and dear to my heart that she might as well be my own! (I’d have to fight Melissa for her though… and I’m fairly sure she’d win!)

Annabelle and I are going to go visit them later today after she is out of recovery, so we’re pretty excited to see our friends!

Thanks so much in advance for your prayers for our heart friend!!!!

Anna Reese: Girl, come on! Smile for the camera! We look fab!
Annabelle: I’m going for the mysterious look… you know, like that Gerber chick does.

Anna Reese: Gerber chick… that was hilarious. You crack me up, Annabelle!
Annabelle: *Giggle* No prob. Okay, now I’ll smile for mom. Maybe she won’t try to shove that gooey stuffin my mouth if I do… what do they call it again?
Anna Reese: Oh, food? Yeah, I’ve heard of it. Not a huge fan. Blah.
Annabelle: I KNOW! Right? Goofy people. Don’t they know that’s what belly tubes are for?

Anna Reese: Girl, you’re so right. They are so old-fashioned.
Annabelle: The gtube button will catch on. We’re just cutting edge, that’s all.
Anna Reese: Cutting edge, I like that! Well, gotta go. My mom is making me to go yet another doctor’s appointment. *sigh* I humor her. Cya girl!


  1. LOL- I love your baby commentary. Praying for Anna Reese!!!

  2. 🙂 prayers for Anna Reese!

  3. Your baby commentary is AWESOME – totally had me giggling! Sending prayers up for Ana Reese. 🙂

  4. I will be praying for Anna! LOVED the "girlfriend" dialogue.

  5. Thank you everyone!!! Anna Reese did FABULOUS today, just the normal groggy and higher than normal temp when back to her room. They're hoping for it only to be an overnight stay.

    Cath results and Bronch results were GREAT! They don't see an immediate need for another surgery as of yet so she can go back home and do some more growing and getting stronger! Go Anna Reese!!!!!

  6. The baby dialogue is sooo cute!

    How is Anna Reese doing?

  7. Glad to hear that things went well with Anna Reese. God is so good!

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