Okay–Mommy was bad and snuck in a picture.
It was such a sweet moment, I couldn’t help myself!

My heart never fails to SING when another life is given to Jesus.

And wow–when that life is one of my own children–amazing does NOT even begin to cover it.

We’ve been talking with my sweet Gabby for quite a while now about what it means to know Jesus and to give your heart to Him. Until about a week or two ago, it always seemed just to go right over her head.

But last night, she came to us and asked specifically to know more. We had a fabulous conversation with her, answered a ton of GREAT questions, then in the end, led this sweet little seven year old in prayer to ask Jesus to be Lord of her life.

Mommy had to come up with some pretty interesting analogies during our conversation.

My FAVORITE one was when she asked about baptism. She’d equated at some point baptism with salvation. We explained the difference between the two, that accepting Jesus’ gift of salvation is done by PRAYER— believing and confessing– but baptism was a symbol of the prayer you’ve prayed. But it wasn’t quite clear to her given the furrowed brow I received.

Mommy told her it was like big sister playing softball. She could go out there and play without a uniform and still be a softball player. But if she put on her uniform, it was a SYMBOL of whose team she was on.

Baptism is similar. (I know there are a LOT of flaws in this analogy… but hey, it worked.) It lets everyone know that you’re on God’s team.

What team colors are YOU wearing?

Please join me in REJOICING for my sweet Gabriella!!! This Momma is BEYOND proud today!!!



  1. This is wonderful news!!! I'm rejoicing with you, Krista. Please tell Gabby, "Welcome to the family of Christ," for me. Glad to have her as my spiritual little sister. 🙂

  2. This is so wonderful! It is such a gift from God to know our children will follow in the heritage He's given us!

  3. Dancing and singing with the angels! This is amazing.

  4. Woohoo!!! Doing the happy dance with you! NOTHING is better than hearing I have another little sister!!! I know you're over the moon!

  5. Oh that's just the sweetest thing, Krista. Yay! 🙂

  6. Such great news!! Wonderful!
    And I love your analogy … showing you're on Jesus' team by being baptized. As with softball … the in-depth meaning of the "game" will come in time. For now she has made her choice 🙂

  7. PRAISE THE LORD! So proud of Gabby and her decision. Proud of Mom and Dad also who has raised her in a Christian home and told her about our wonderful Savior.

  8. Love all of this–the analogy, the prayer, the picture, the life reborn! 🙂

  9. THANK YOU everyone!!! We are all very excited for our sweet Gabby, and thank you for sharing the excitement with us!!!

  10. YAY! what an amazing blessing 🙂 SO happy for your sweet Gabby!

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