I have a love/hate relationship with the alarm clock.

Am I the only one?

I seriously could not live without it. I would never wake up on time for work. I don’t know how they did it before the times before alarm clocks. I guess there were coo-coo clocks. Or roosters. But, wow.

They are also handy for things like timing my kids when they are sitting in the corner for fighting… or to remind me when its time to leave for something important… those kinds of things.

But at the same time I hate them. This occurs most in the mornings when it goes off at 5:45. Actually that is about 5:37… I set it 8 minutes late to fake myself into getting up early… it doesn’t really work. I usually snooze the alarm for a good ten to fifteeen minutes, wasting all of my 8 minutes and then some. My alarm clock should be thanking its lucky stars that it hasn’t been thrown through the window beside my bed yet. One of these days…

This morning was the worst offense though. I laid in bed, in that awkward state between nigh-night dream land and oh crap its time for work land. I was in this wierd time warp for, oh, about ten minutes.

Then somewhere in my ‘oh crap its time for work’ part of my brain… I wondered how long I had until said stupid alarm when off.

So I looked.

And… the clock said 6:51 (aka 6:43). CRAP. I have to be at work by 7. It takes a good 30 minutes most days.

Stupid dad gum alarm clock.

Here is the part where I humbly admit that I am part to blame. I am pretty sure I forgot to turn said alarm clock on this morning. But still… It should be loyal to its owner, right? It should do what I want it to. It SHOULD be a mind reader.

Some inventor out there needs to create an alarm clock that just KNOWS when you want to wake up. Oh, and it needs to bring you breakfast in bed and hot cocoa and play nice soothing wake up music, bringing you a towel and help you into your bedroom slippers. (I don’t wear bedroom slippers… but I would if I had a someone(thing) to put them on for me in the morning!)

Summary: I was 45 minutes late for work this morning

Moral of the story: Uh.. when in doubt, blame the alarm clock. It’s an inanimate object right? It won’t care right??

(Side note, I was a good honest person and blame MYSELF at work today. I didn’t go as far as to out my alarm clock on something that was my fault… I do have a little integrity!)



  1. Oh yeah, totally have the love/hate thing going on with the alarm clock. So, I live in a desert, right, well, when the day is long and at 115 degrees during the day and the nights only get down to 95…I have to get up really, really early to exercise…since I don’t belong to a gym.

    So, 4:15am comes really early…….I’ve been known to pound my alarm clock a little more than needed to click that snooze bar…. 🙂

    I think the snooze button is just torture though, because those precious eight minutes fly by soooo quickly…

  2. Alarm clocks won’t even wake me up. I go to bed with my cell phone and every morning my BF calls me and wakes me up.

    Long time ago, when I was waitressing and my shift started at 7am, the cook would call me. He’d only say, “Get up” then hang up, and he wouldn’t call a second time.

    At the last writer’s conference I went to, I asked the hotel to send a wakeup call. I can only guess that the ring is not as loud as my cell, becuase I never heard it.

    At ACFW, maybe I’ll give you my cell # and you can call me in the morning — lol.

  3. LOL. I’m glad I’m not the only one that doesn’t like the stupid things!!

    JC, I would take you up on your offer, but what if I sleep through? Then we would both be in trouble… I do have 2 roommates though, but I’ve learned from experience that one can’t count on them!

    Horrible story. I went on a business trip last year with 2 of my co-workers (one guy and one girl) and when we got to the hotel, they had given away one of our 3 hotel rooms to someone else. So there was only 2 left. Of course it was an easy guess who was gonna share rooms.

    So… we got in late, we went to bed. I set the alarm.

    Said alarm did NOT go off. Said roomy did NOT wake me up. She figured I wanted to sleep. I finally woke up about 5 minutes before we needed to leave. I hadn’t even taken a shower!!!!!! I took the fastest shower I think in history and booked it down to the lobby where she was eating breakfast. She said she didn’t want to disturb me.

    I still can’t believe I slept through her waking up and getting ready in the morning.

  4. Ok, I’m not even going to ACFW conference, but I’ll call you two and wake you up. JUST KIDDING **LOL**

    You guys are tooo funny! **Sheri Smiles**

  5. Last year, on the day I was flying out to Dallas for conference, I had a cab scheduled to pick me up at 4:30 a.m. for my 6:15 flight. I have an alarm clock that has two alarms on it—and I set both of them: one for 3:45 and one for 4:00.

    I slept through both of them until I heard my cell phone ringing (in the other room)–it was the cab driver calling me to let me know he was there. Because I’d preplanned everything so that all I had to do was get up, get dressed, and brush teeth and hair that morning, I was out the door in seven minutes flat.

    But this year, I’m taking no risks–In addition to the two alarms on my clock, I’ll be setting my cell phone (I have a really loud, annoying tone on it that wakes me up every time) as well as my little travel alarm clock, and another clock I have that has an alarm feature. I’m not leaving it to the cab driver to wake me up this time!

  6. Love Saturdays when you can sleep in…

  7. Kaye, that is like my worst nightmare!!!! **shivers** We’re driving but I’ll still have to get up early to drive to Esthers house (then we’ll drive to Joan’s and pick her up…) But I would still feel horrible If I slept in and didn’t get there on time!!! I’m quite sure I will have a very difficult time sleeping (and will probably be up till wee hours packing! Ha!)

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