We are officially on our way home!
Oh, what a day.
So many funny stories to tell!

Our day started off with breakfast, worship, final address from Angela Hunt and the end of the conference.

We left, went to Arby’s to eat and headed for home.
The first part of our trip we entertained ourselves by singing some hymns.

It was relatively quiet the rest of the trip until we reached Chicago. That’s when Joan paid the toll. That went fine, until the next one where she forgot to roll down her window and almost threw her change at the window…. (she claims malfunction of the Esther’s car but we know the truth… I just about peed my pants laughing after that…)

Oh, and Esther spent the trip crocheting our souvenirs.

After only a few misturns, we arrived at Esther’s daughter’s house, Lori. We had some yummy pizza.
Unfortunately, we had an unfortunate surprise for dessert in form of a delightful skunk in the back yard…

They are, as I type, attempting to clean the dog and rid the backyard of the stench. The wind is blowing and helping, so we are sitting out by the fire.

This… sadly… is a picture of Joan, Krista and Esther, enjoying the evening air…
We are such geeks!

Here’s a good picture of Joan and Esther.

A picture of the poor dog…

Picture of Luke, Esther’s grandson.

Tomorrow we are going home, so again, please pray for safe travels.

Oh, and please pray the skunk doesn’t come back, and that the smell goes away!!


  1. Don’t believe her about the window at the toll booth for a minute! The window button in my Mini opens the window completely with one push, and I expected Esther’s car to do the same thing. It didn’t. So when Krista gave me the change, I turned around to throw the money into the collection bin and saw that the window wasn’t open. So I looked surprised, and of course Krista had to concoct this story for your entertainment. LOL! And yes, I’m advertising her book……

  2. I love the pic with the 3 laptops. I’m such a geek too. When ever we all go shopping at a huge outdoor mall or outlest shops, if I see a bookstore I’m make a mad dash. Everyone else is shopping for clothes and I’m scouring the shelves for another atlas or commentary.

  3. I think a great fiction writer knows how to take a story and spin it a little to make it funny and write worthy… *grin*

    JC, yes, I about died laughing after we had it taken. I think Esther’s family thought we were out of our minds, but hey, if the shoe fits, right?!?

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