Today was the last full day of conference, and wow, it was bittersweet.

Have you ever had a day where you really felt the devil was just nipping at your heals all day trying to get you down?

That was my day, and it wasn’t all about being rejected (’cause that isn’t just the devil… that is just normal! Ha!)

It was the little discouragements, the little irritations, the little stupid stuff that the devil caused that made me want to scream (like forgetting my camera… loosing Joan’s camera for a day and a half to find out that it was at the front desk from the start where I asked from the get go and they said they didn’t have it… like the lady that was less than pleasant… or loosing my shopping bag at the mall which was REALLY irritating…)

But, I’m over it. And God is good. As much as I can see the Devil’s hand in the CRAP I can also see God’s great hand over the weekend and I’ve learned so much, and am thankful.

So, without further a do, here’s a look at our… evening! (I got no pictures during the day… note lost camera above….)

First, I’ll post the most important picture of the night!! MTCW member Tamara Leigh, who was not present… one book of the year in the Lit Category! I thought she might like to see the picture of her winning moment, and her agent accepting her award. Wish you’d been able to be there!!!

To go along with the same theme, a picture of the MTCW members who DID attend conference (minus Esther… we couldn’t find her!) Pictured is Tamara Alexander, Kaye Dacus, Joan Hochstetler, and uh, ME, Krista Phillips (I look ridiculously fat in this picture… I blame it on the angle, that can work right??)

Picture of Joan and Esther!!

Picture of Sandi Greene and myself. Sandi is one of my critique partners (a quick shout out to our other members, Paul, Amy and Thomas!)

Can we say comic man?? Picture of Roland, fellow ACFW forum extraordinaire.

Rachel and Leslie, also fellow ACFW forum guru’s.

Krista and Rachel…

Ohhh, this is one of my favorite pictures! On the left is J.C. in her kickin’ awesome cloak! Then there is me (looking slightly fat AGAIN… grrr, stupid camera angle, ahem), and Marcie (love ya girly!!!)

So, that is what I got for you today! We had a great time, my feet are KILLING me, Joan and Esther are giving me dirty looks for still typing on the computer (ok, not really, but I bet they are thinking of how fun it would be to throw my laptop out the window…).

Tomorrow we leave!! Not sure if I will post because of access to the Internet, but I’ll try!!

Please pray for us as we start our journey home tomorrow. And even though we only have a few hours… God’s will WILL be done right?!? Let me hear an amen!! (I so should have been a preacher!)



  1. Hiya, Krista!

    Thank you for the lovely surprise that Splitting Harriet was awarded a BOTY! I’m still flying and thanking God for this place He has led me to.

    Be safe on the way home!

  2. Hey Krista! It was great meeting you (and the other forumites) in person. Thanks for sharing your pictures, even if you had to borrow a camera. 🙂 (note to self: you really need to get a digital camera)

  3. Thanks for the pictures!!!!!!!!!! It’s so fun watching everything that happened at the conference through blogs, pictures, loop emails…I wish I could have been there to experience the fun as well.

  4. Tamara, no problem! I’d assumed your agent already let you know, didn’t mean to surprise YOU! What an awesome honor though, kudos to you!

    Roland, great meeting you too, and I’m just glad I FOUND Joan’s camera after loosing it! Ack!

    Lynn, glad you could live vicariously through my pics! It was fun stuff but I’m glad to be home too!!!

  5. Thanks, Krista, for your regular conference blogs. They made me feel a little like I was there. Hoping to meet all of you next year, God willing!

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