Well, good news, bad news.

Good news, I’m blogging tonight (that’s good news right?)

Bad news, no pictures.

I took a few but it was a crazy busy day, I’m tired, and I just didn’t have time to take a lot.

BUT! Tomorrow is the book signing and banquet so I’m sure we’ll get PLENTY.

I’ll be brief about our day.

We ate breakfast, had sessions, ate lunch, had sessions, went to MOA and ate dinner, and now we’re back.

Soooooooo… if you can’t tell I attended a workshop today on how to write snyposis’s. Obviously I failed the workshop:-)

Seriously, it was a good, but slightly stressful day. I personally met with one agent and one editor. Both went well, and gave some good feedback, but the editor appointment seemed to go better than the agent one. The editor even asked to keep my one-sheet (that’s a good sign right?!?), and we had a really good conversation and I only stumpled over a handful of words (which was different form the first time when I stumbled over ALL my words…)

I have one more for agent appointment tomorrow so please be praying. It’s at 4:00. Set your clocks!!

Esther had a great time as well, and got some really good feedback so we are very excited for her!

Classes are going well, but I did skip one today to deal with some work and home issues. I was stressing just a teensy bit too much so it helped to take a break.

We did go to the Mall of America and eat this evening, and discussed as a ‘Nashville’ group some publicity ideas for MTCW.

The only shopping we did was to stop off at Claires where I bought some earrings and a necklace to go with my dress tomorrow.

Only one and a half more days of conference! It’s crazy how fast it seems to be going 🙁

I’m still believing that God has gone before me and has a plan. Don’t know what that is yet (and as we all know… sometimes it is a long time before we find out…) but I’m believing!!

God bless everyone, and be sure to visit tomorrow night for pictures of Esther Joan and I in our party outfits!