So… I’m late posting this but my valid excuse is that I’M ON VACATION!!!! So I’m sure you’ll forgive me:-)

Saturday dawned bright and early, and that’s when the nerves began, including churning stomach, shaky fingers, and plenty of deep breathing exercises. Agent/Editor appointments are not my forte, and my two were scheduled that day.

I skipped out on morning worship/devotions because my stomach was not cooperating… and I’m HIGHLY disappointed in that since everyone said how GOOD it was. I also missed half of the Continuing ed session with SMW and RH because I had my first, *gulp*, appointment.

It went well, and I was invited to send a proposal and sample chapters. WOOHOO for that.

Lunch was yummy (roast beef croissant sandwich, YUM YUM!) and then I skipped yet ANOTHER worship (was not happy as it was one I really wanted to go to!) but alas, I had another appointment. And that one went REALLY well. It was with an agent and she said she was definitely interested, and I was invited to mail my full manuscript to her. YEAH!!!

Went to the last workshop with Camy Tang on the Heroine/Hero journey, and got some great materials to take with me for reference. Then, it was off to the booksigning. Here are some fun pictures from the signing!
Christina Berry and I… normal.

And… now us as SUPER SPY WOMEN!

THEN it was time for the banquet! Congrats, btw, to all the winners/finalists!!! You all rock! (list of winners can be found at Cathy’s blog … I’m too lazy to type it out myself!) And GRRRR I accidentally deleted the ONLY pictures of Scott and I at the banquet together. I AM NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT! If anyone else took one of just us, let me know!!! I want it!!

I wanted to get a silly picture of Jody… but this is as silly as I got!!! Next time, Jody… I’m SO making you climb a tree! *grin*

Katie and I…. Seriously, I’m really not THAT short!
Jeannie and Erika.
Jessica with her yummy dessert!
Avily Jerome, Lynn Rush, and yours truly!
Me with MY dessert.
The blogger group! Jody, Katie, Jessica, Jeannie, Reanne (HELP! Not sure if I got that name right… in fact am SURE I got it wrong. Someone correct me!), Eileen, Krista (me), and Cathy.
Jeannie in the corner… For shame, for shame!

Sunday morning was sad, saying final goodbyes. But then Scott and I had a blast riding the train downtown, then coming back, taking a MUCH needed nap, then walking to dinner/movie about a mile away, praying that it wouldn’t rain during our walk. God is good… it only sprinkled!

Here are a bunch of fun misc. pics…

Hubby and me downtown in front of Union Station.
The hazy mountains!
Erica and Genesis award winning Lisa!
ACFW president Cynthia Ruchti.
Keynote speaker and author Debbie Macomber.
Early bird session with Agent and author Donald Maass
Cara and Annalisa
Brandilyn Collins

picture of the atrium at the hotel

Next year… INDIANAPOLIS here we come!!!



  1. Oh my. I just ate those pictures up. How fun was that to see the bloggers in one bunch!

    Sounds like you had a successful trip! Way to go.
    ~ Wendy

  2. Thank you for posting these! I lOVED seeing everyone and so cool you all got to meet and sit together!! I want to go next year!!!! You looked awesome!
    And congrats on the requests!

  3. Great pictures! Thanks for telling us about the conference–I hope I get to go sometime soon! Congratulations on the request, too, that's wonderful!

  4. These are great pics! Thanks for sharing! And congrats on having interest on your work! You deserve it!

  5. LOVE the pics! But even more, I LOVED meeting you. Thanks for letting me practing my pitch on you. Can't wait to see you in Indianapolis next year!! Keep me updated with the ms request!

  6. Love the pictures, Krista! You did a fabulous job getting pictures of everyone. I realized when I got home that I really don't have very many! Next time, I'm taking more!

    It was so good to meet you!! I only wish we could have more time to talk! But at least we have cyberland!

    I'll be praying for big success with your MS! Have a wonderful few more days hanging out with your hubby and enjoying Denver!

  7. Great pics, Krista!! I miss you guys already, but am so happy to be home too. Have a great few days celebrating marriage together!!

  8. Great pictures, Krista. It was so fun meeting you in person!

  9. Now Indianapolis I can drive to! You girls looked so lovey! Glad you girls enjoyed your time there 🙂

    Oh and Congrats on the Request!! WHOO HOO!

  10. Great pictures. Hope you have a great time in Denver despite the rainy forecast. I'm so glad to hear about the outcome of your appointments. You go girl!

  11. It was great to meet you, Krista. I hope you'll hear good news on your manuscripts soon!

    God bless you and safe travels.

  12. Thank you for sharing your pictures! I'm smiling at all the great bloggers!

  13. It looks like a fabulous time! Thanks so much for sharing! And I'm soooo excited about you getting requests! You ROCK! 🙂

  14. Hi Krista –

    Great pics! Congratulations on the success of your appointments!

    I'm so glad the conference was all you hoped it would be.

    Susan 🙂

  15. Thanks for sharing! Woo hoo for Indy next year! 🙂

  16. Such a great time. Thanks for posting the pictures. I'm already counting down to Indy.

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