Today’s the day!

Heading out to the annual American Christian Fiction Writer’s Conference in St. Louis!

My bags are packed, the van is full of gas, my onesheets are printed, my smile is in place, and my pitch is kinda ready. (I’m convinced that at some point, ya just gotta wing that one otherwise you sound like a robot when giving it!)

My goals for the next 4 days?

1.) Have fun. I spend most of my days knee deep in diapers and gtube feedings. FUN is definitely on the docket!

2.) Lots of hugs. This is my… 5th… conference (well, technically 4 1/2 but whatever.) Conference is like a bit of a homecoming, seeing old friends, meeting new ones, meeting friends you’ve met online but never had the opportunity to meet in person.

3.) Networking. HUGE part of conference! You sit down at lunch and the person next to you might very well be the next author who is willing to endorse your book or an editor who could be your biggest champion. These GOD-given moments are so important for a writer! And I also have several appointments with a blogger and my agent and such that are going to be SO much fun!

4.) Pitching. At this conference, you are scheduled appointments to “pitch” your project to agents and editors. I already have an agent (who will be doing my pitching for me to editors eventually) but I utilize the time as a way to connect a face to a name, and put a bug in the editors ear about my next book my agent may be sending their way soon!

(And yes, this book is NOT a Sandwich book, and is a full-length start of what will hopefully be a new series!)

5.) Not a lot of sleep. Because sleep is TOTALLY overrated.

6.) Marketing. I have bookmarks to hand out, Sandwich pins to beg people to wear, and my first book, Sandwich, with a Side of Romance, will be on the conference bookstore! A Side of Faith won’t be in the bookstore this year, but that doesn’t mean I can’t hand out bookmarks to help get the wrod out!

But aside from all that, I have TWO prayers for this weekend.

1.) God’s will be done. Because I can have lots of dreams and hopes and plans, but God’s plans are MUCH higher than mine could ever be. So I’m going in with an open heart and open mind. It isn’t about books or writing or any of that. It’s about Jesus over all else.

2.) Rest. EMOTIONAL rest. I’ve tried to be real and honest about it, but yours truly is emotionally exhausted. While I won’t get a lot of SLEEP this trip, I’m praying that my soul is renewed and refreshed. While I type this, Annabelle has tried to wrap furniture in Christmas wrapping paper that she found and is now spreading bottles of her formula all over the kitchen floor. Sigh… yes, rest. This is what I need!