A Surprise Wednesday Post


I’m posting on Wednesday. I know, I know, I’m walking on the wild side… off schedule posting and all.


But anyway, I noticed that Amazon has the PAPERBACK version of A Side of Faith for $3.99 vs its normal $6.99. It RARELY goes on sale (like, first time ever) so I thought I’d spread the news in case anyone was interested!

Since this is Amazon’s lowering of the price, not mine, I’m not sure how long the sale will last, but just wanted to spread the news while it was going!

And as a matter of fact, they’ve also lowered the price of Sandwich, With a Side of Romance by a few dollars over the last month too, so it is $11.92 instead of it’s retail price of $14.99.

So happy reading, and hope you all are having a very awesome Wednesday!