I’m reserving this day for quiet. I am ignoring my messy house. Am allowing Annabelle to do whatever she wants that will make her not scream… as long as it doesn’t hurt her in the long run. I’m taking care of the essentials like feeding Annabelle, her medications, eating, breathing… you know, important stuff like that. Blues clues will probably play on our TV all day long because it makes Annabelle happy.

Why, you ask?

Well. It’s my birthday. 🙂

That, and it’s been a… challenging… past few days. Coming off a 4 day hospital stay and a lack of sleep on both Annabelle and I’s part, Annabelle has been, for lack of better words, a little terror. Screaming none-stop whenever she wants something, including in the middle of the night, which is SUPER rare for her. Then yesterday she had 2 therapy appointments, 1 appointment with the school system, and 1 doctor appointment, plus Lacy had softball. Then she decided to pull out her mini-button (feeding tube from her stomach) and so then we added another doc appointment to get it put back in. (I can do this myself… but we were 45 minutes from home and still had a doctor appointment to go, so we had to go have the surgery nurse put it back in for us.)

Oh, and then the pulmonologist ordered a chest xray on the spot to my sweet girl who did not get a nap and who then decided to scream the entire time in the waiting room. The lady who takes care of the plants at the hospital even came over and asked if I needed help.At that point, I was just letting her scream, as I’d tried EVERYTHING and really, she was just tired, cranky, and didn’t stop crying until we were in the car on the way home (and even then, she wailed about 50% of the trip.)

Yeah, it’s been a week.

So today, there is a good possibility that Annabelle and I will not change out of PJ’s until this evening (when we go out for either Lacy’s school play or 1st softball game… depending on how much it rains!) and yeah, I WILL be napping while Annabelle naps instead of trying to use the quiet time to do something productive. (or I’ll read a book… sometimes my body decides that naps aren’t okay during the day even though I’m tired… but regardless… I’m doing much of NOTHING!)

Yup, so this will be my day today. Nothing grand or exciting. Just rest and quiet and… well… a lot of Blues Clues.

And I’m totally cool with that.

TOMORROW my hubby took off work. I asked for my birthday if I could have his TIME… just to get projects done around the house TOGETHER because we NEVER have time to do that. And thinks are looking pretty pathetic lately, so I’m hoping catching up on stuff HELPS us a little!

Oh, and today, I’ll be closing my eyes and, as I mentioned on Facebook lately, be dreaming of “Some beach… somewhere…” 🙂 I’m a BIG believer in happy thoughts!!!

Love to you all, and cheers to quiet days and REST!


While I’m resting, I’m spending time PRAYING for a sweet little girl named Halle. She’s from out town and, I mentioned her once before, but in a rare complication from the flu, her heart went into failure a week and a half ago. She’s currently on ECMO, but showing improvement so they are taking her off and putting in a VAD, to bridge to heart transplant. She’s 10 years old, and if you can imagine your healthy child coming down with the flu and ending up needing a heart transplant… wow. I KNOW what it is like to have a child with a failing heart… it is the scariest thing ever. So I’m doing a lot of praying for this family and this sweet little girl today!

You can follow her updates on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/274668916001453/



  1. Steady on, Mama. Rest and some peace today.

  2. Sometimes a day of total rest is SO refreshing! Enjoy it and have a lovely birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday to youuuuu!!!

    Thanks for being "real" and sharing.


  4. Happy birthday Krista! Hope you guys get the downtime you are needing 🙂

  5. Happy belated birthday Krista! I hope you got alot of rest! You deserve it!

  6. sandhi sudha plus
    May God give health i have pray for prinees from bottomlly heart
    health and fitness

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