I’m so excited to reveal the all new kristaphillips.com! Same information, different look! I hope you’ll take a minute to poke around to see what there is to see!



My next NOVEL, The Engagement Plot, is now available for preorder in ebook or paperback! You can read more here. Release date is 11/1/2017, in exactly THREE months! AHHH! It’s coming so fast!

Thanks SO much for stopping by and checking out my new site and blog!




  1. Hi Krista,
    I just wanted to know how you designed your book covers? What program did you use?

    1. Great question! 2 of my books were done by professional graphic designers since they were published with traditional publishers, Sandwich, With a Side of Romance with Abingdon and the book to come out in November, The Engagement Plot, is with Barbour Publishing/Shiloh Run Press.

      The others I designed myself using Photoshop. (My cousin helped me on the first one and taught me the ropes a bit, and I’ve done the rest myself.)

      Hope that helps!

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