BIG GIRL!!!!!!!!!


I officially have NO child in a crib.

And never will again. (unless God has other plans… but WE certainly don’t!)

Yes, sweet Annabelle has GRADUATED to a toddler bed!

I’m super nervous about it… but I had graduated all my other kids at 2 years of age, and then to a “big” girl bed at 3, but Annabelle has been NO where near ready to make the change.

I still don’t think she is, because I wanted her communicating better with her words before we switched, but she just got too big for her crib. She doesn’t have the skills to “climb” out safely but had ‘fallen” out at least once, and the other day I went in to get her out, and she was sitting with both of her legs completely through the rails.. This wouldn’t be bad in itself except that one of her legs was stuck!!

It took lotion and a lot of maneuvering and tears to get her unstuck. And she now has a nice bruise on her leg from the effort 🙁

So on Saturday night, we “switched” her crib to toddler-bed mode. We still need to figure out some type of short rail for her… for now we have pillows on the floor in case she falls off, but she hasn’t yet.

And her first night, she did GREAT!

Except that she woke up at 5:45 and came and got Mommy.

Yeah for getting Mommy.

BOO for waking up thus making Mommy feel like a walking Zombie. She lasted about two hours before she was exhausted again and took a rare “Morning” nap before church.

I don’t like the thought of her walking around the house in the middle of the night though, so we will be closing her door at night now. Maybe that will help???

Another fun thing… Annabelle has learned to knock on doors!

the other day I had my bedroom door shut and I heard this light rap on the door. I opened it expecting to see one of my other girls, and there stood Annabelle. She knocked again with the door open, looked at me, and said, “Noh, noh.”


Yup, big steps being made in the Phillips’ household!!

LOVE us some big steps!



  1. Do you use a baby gate? Or will she climb that?

    Yay for Annabelle! She is doing so wonderfully.

  2. You can buy a rail with a mesh cover over it at Walmart,it slips under the mattress.

  3. Yay Annabelle!!

    You could try putting one of those childproof doorknob locks (the kind that just snap around the doorknob) on the inside of her bedroom door so she can't get out.

  4. Definitely try a baby gate! Then you can leave her door open so she can still see out and feel comforted and you can also hear her if she needs you 🙂

  5. Another cool trick is a swimming noodle (costs $1 – $2) – you cut it to fit the length of the mattress and place it under the fitted sheet and/or mattress pad. It keeps them from rolling off the bed.

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