I’m part of a new blog!

No, it doesn’t replace this one.

And yes, I’m probably crazy to take on another blog project. (I also blog at thewritersalleys.blogspot.com … a blog aimed toward helping other writers on the journey)

But a group of contemporary romance authors thought it’d be a fun idea to get together and do a blog ALL about romance— from a Christian perspective, of course!

The idea is to target those Christians who love to read Contemporary romance novels—we’ll introduce you to new books and authors, we’ll talk lots about romance and God and relationships and just LOTS of things.

AND we’ll do LOTS of book giveaways.

I’ll only be posting there once every month or two, but there are daily posts there so feel free to check it out!


And TODAY is my first post! We’re chatting about CONFLICT— not only in our romance novels, but in our real life relationships, and what we can do to keep the romance going, even in not-so-stellar times. My hubby and I know a little about that. Keeping a marriage going when you have a child who is critically ill is not of the faint at heart.

I’d love for you to come join me over there today!


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  1. Krista you are so awesome. I don't understand how you do it. I will check out the other blog that you are contributing too!

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