Taking a bit of a blogging break this week!! I’m trying my hardest to get some MAJOR word count down on my novella and finish it by November 1st, so trying to save my words for it!

Please pray that words and ideas flow and I can make my goal! Will be back next week and hopefully have an “almost done!” update!

Also, HUGE praise that sweet little Simon that I’d asked pray for last week is doing SO SO SO much better! He is going HOME today last I heard! To my knowledge, they never figured out what was wrong. They think some unknown virus/bacteria of some sort that they could never identify, but it was very scary, and I know from experience how frightening it is for your child to get so sick, so fast, with no real explanation.

Anyway, I know his family would appreciate continued prayers as well!



  1. I have just finished reading your book and I have to tell you, it truely was perfect! This is the first book I've read in a while that didn't leave me with questions! I hope that you write more! It is truely Gods gift to you! Sincerely, thank you for the delightful book and God bless!

  2. I hope that you kick major butt on your book! cannot wait to read it!

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