I’ve been tagged on facebook about a billion times (ok maybe not that many) to post 25 random things about little ole me, so here goes the madness:

1.) I have a blog (a duh for those of you reading my blog, maybe new to those on facebook!)
2.) I have my own website. (www.kristaphillips.com – don’t judge, I made it for free with Microsoft publisher!)
3.) I dislike most vegetables except for green beans and potatoes (don’t tell me that potatoes aren’t a vegetable – lalalalalalala – I can’t hear you!)
4.) I like to clarify things that I write with explanations in parentheses behind them (like this!)
5.) I wrote a Christian Romance Novel and am polishing it to submit to agents/editors.
6.) I have a very dumb dog named Emma who doesn’t listen to a word I say.
7.) I am a garage sale fanatic.
8.) In 2006, my hubby and I joined the Dave Ramsey bandwagon and are, as of January 2008, DEBT FREE! (except for our house, but you know!)
9.) My favorite flower is a daisy, but I also LOVE LOVE Roses and Tulips.
10.)I had surgery on my eye when I was in the 3rd grade and they had to take my eyeball out and rest it on my cheek. (Thanks mom for the GREAT visual!)
11.)I have a Christmas cake mix sitting on my book shelf in my bedroom… for no particular reason. Hmmm
12.)I’ve lost about 10 pounds this month on my new “eat less, do more” diet.
13.)I am in LOVE with the snooze button.
14.)My bedroom stay perpetually messy, but I still feel it’s my right to yell at my children when they don’t clean their room.
15.)I would NEVER EVER yell at my children (so please don’t read #14 prior to this)
16.)When Scott and I were naming our first daughter, we couldn’t decide on a middle name so said what the hay, we’ll give her both! We decided to carry on the tradition with daughter 2 and 3. Thus we have:Karalynn Jean Abri, Lacy Emma Leigh, and Gabriella Gracie Jo.
17.)I have on my desk at work a little bear that says, “Payroll Rules!”
18.)I also have on my desk a little skater girl from a Sonic Kid’s meal.
19.)ALSO on my desk is a little Penguin flyer kid’s meal toy that shoots things…it’s great fun!!!
20.)At this very moment, I am suffering from a caffeine withdrawal headache. ACK!
21.)I got pregnant when I was 18. (hush, I was married!)
22.)I met my hubby in an Internet Chat room.
23.)I’ve lived in five states (IL, IN, MN, NC, TN), six cities, and 19 houses.
24.)I rock at the ski slalom on the WII Fit.
25.)Besides my senior year of high school, I never went to college.