Poor car salesman.

Honestly, I feel bad for them. They get a total bad rap from the whole
macho-sleazy-used-car-salesman stereotype.

Unfortunately… while there are definitely some reputable, honest salesman
out there… the bad ones tend to be the ones that leave the bitter taste in
our mouth and make us want to run away, screaming and bashing heads together.

In our recent quest to find a vehicle that is safe, reliable, and a decent
price for our family, we’ve gotten to meet some, well, some doozies, to say the

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of my TOP TEN’s on my blog, so I
thought this would be a fantastic way to bring them back….

Without further ado,


10.) They tell you to be quiet and let them talk.

9.) They remind you 100 times how FAST used cars sell and that if you leave
it was guaranteed not to be there the next day… even though said car has been
on the lot for over 2 months….

8.) They refuse to give you a business card because it is a waste of
supplies because “if you’re asking for a business card, you’re obviously
just brushing me off and don’t really wanna buy a car.”

7.) They show you a car that is obviously PERFECT for you (so says the
salesman) and he tells you how great it is and how they are so confident this
car will sell that they have it in the shop, and they NEVER do that unless it
is a great car.  You then see the car that is a piece of junk… After
about 5 minutes of trying to sell you the car… crappy salesman then backs off
and says, “Yeah, this isn’t what I thought. Let’s go.”

6.) They refuse to move when you are trying to walk behind them between two
cars, making you have to suck in a breathe to not get up-close-and-personal
with crappy salesman’s big behind… (I swear he almost took a step back on

5.) They tell you that the price of a car is 25k… It takes 5 times of
asking him to recheck the price (and an admission by buyer that they have
already looked at it online and saw the price) for crappy salesman to say,
“Oh, sorry, I looked at the wrong one… this one is only 16k…” Uh,
yeah, that’s what I thought!

4.) “We price our cars right, so this is the best price…” When
they obviously do not and are NOT one of the “no haggle pricing”

3.) They pull the ol’ buddy trick. A “salesman” comes up and asks
for the keys of the car you are negotiating because “someone else is
REALLY interested in it…” Uh, yeah. No they aren’t.

2.) You find a container of strange looking yellow liquid in the backseat of
a car for sale and ask the salesman what it is. He shrugs and says, “Who knows
what people do in these cars…” *ahem*

1.) “Honestly, Ma’am? You can’t find a safe car in your price range.
You HAVE to finance something to keep your family safe.”

And yes, these are all things that have happened, current and past, to me or
a family member.

Oh, and it doesn’t fit in my top 10… but have you ever noticed that crappy
salesman ALWAYS wear WAY too much perfume/cologne?!? PHEW!!!!

Have I said lately how much I love used car salesman? (I do LOVE them…
just don’t always LIKE them very much…)


I must put an exception in here. Because as I noted, used car salesmen have
a bad rap, and not all of them have earned it.

I HAVE met a few really nice ones… ones who have tried to help and
apologized when they couldn’t. Who have stayed after hours to let us test drive
a car even though they were pretty sure we weren’t purchasing it. Who have
actually recommended places that we might be able to find what we need, instead
of trying to pressure us into something that we don’t.

THOSE are the people I’d love to purchase from.

Unfortunately, those places, at the moment, don’t have a van that is an
option for us. But they’ll have my recommendation, and will always be the first
place I look in the future.

Moral of the story: If you are trying to sell something… BE NICE TO

Discussion: Any good car buying stories??? Good, bad, or just plain funny??? I’m SO SO SO over car shopping right now that I could use a few good stories to make me laugh!




  1. We were looking for a van once. The salesman wanted us to try out a really awesome one a few thousand above our price, we were paying cash. So we tried it out to humor him while he went to get the van we actually came to try out. We came back from our test drive and he says "I'm sorry but I can't let you try out the other van. I've left it running since you've been gone as you can see it's still smoking so it's probably the transmission. make us an offer on the other one and I will see what I can do." My husband felt god telling him a number $4000 less than they were asking and I about fell over when they accepted since we were paying cash and did away with the hassle of fianance. So hang in there and you will find the God has for you!

  2. Spent every dime I had on a 2003 PT Cruiser, have spent every extra dime since ( February ), thats what I get for trusting a used car salesman!!!

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