She moved to Sandwich, Illinois in search of a new life, but ended up in a giant pickle.

Sandwich represents hope for twenty-year-old Maddie Buckner and Kyle, the eleven-year-old brother Maddie wants to spring out of foster care. Then she loses her new job after less than an hour on the clock. It’s all Reuben-the-Jerk’s fault, and she’s determined to make him right the wrong.

He does so, reluctantly, by giving her a job at his restaurant, The Sandwich Shop. Then crazy things start happening at the restaurant, and Kyle’s foster parents apply to adopt him. To stop it all, Maddie must learn the art of humbling herself and accepting the help God has arranged, risking her heart to Reuben in the process.

And she’d rather eat a million corned beef on rye sandwiches than do that.



Praise for Sandwich with a Side of Romance

“Phillips’ debut brings faith, love and hope together into a wonderful, well-knit book. The interplay between Maddie and Reuben is fun to watch, the dialogue is snappy and fun and the message of love and redemption is gentle and reassuring.”
-RT Book Reviews

“Former bad girl Maddie Buckner is a recent convert to Christianity. She moves to Sandwich, IL, with her 11-year-old brother in the hopes of a fresh start. Maddie gets work as a hairdresser but loses that position when she accidentally cuts off a huge chunk of a customer’s hair. She gets a job at a restaurant, The Sandwich Shop, and starts to develop feelings for her engaged boss, Reuben. When someone sets out to sabotage the expansion of the restaurant, Maddie investigates. VERDICT Full of romance, humor, and mystery, this debut novel will put Phillips on the CF map and win her followers of Philip Gulley and Phil Callaway.”

Library Journal

“Don’t let the light-hearted cover and title fool you. Krista Phillips’ spunky, rough-around-the-edges heroine may be “tickle me” funny, but her faith journey offers more than a cute read. There is depth here, made all the more satisfying served up with a generous side of romance.”
~Tamara Leigh, Author of Restless in Carolina and Dreamspell

“With lovable characters, an engaging plot, and a swoon-worthy romance, debut author Krista Phillips has penned a novel that will have readers laughing and flipping pages well into the night. Sandwich, With a Side of Romance was a refreshing and enjoyable read!”
~Katie Ganshert, author of Wildflowers from Winter

“In Sandwich, With a Side of Romance, Krista Phillips will win you over with her witty, entertaining, laugh-out-loud writing style. She’s created loveable, quirky, down-to-earth characters with real life struggles. As the characters wrestle to overcome their problems, you’ll find yourself cheering them on and savoring the sweet but sassy romance that ends with a blissful sigh.”
~Jody Hedlund, best-selling author of The Preacher’s Bride

“Krista Phillips’ book is much like a submarine sandwich–multi-layered and loaded with tasty delights. There’s a little something for everyone: a light, quirky opening, and an ending that packs a punch. Yum!”
~Janice Thompson, author of the Weddings by Bella series

“Krista Phillips is a unique and entertaining new voice in contemporary Christian romance. She brings a fresh, young perspective to the genre and left me eager to read whatever she writes next.”
~ Kaye Dacus, author of Stand-In-Groom (Christy Award finalist, 2010), The Brides of Bonneterre series, The Matchmakers series