How do you pretend to like someone you’re actually in love with?

Beth Jamison has become one with her singleness, living vicariously through the love stories of others. She’s the first to know about them, too, as the owner of one of Sandwich, IL’s premier florist shops.

When the new chef in town turns out to be Garrett Hansen, her brother’s best friend from high school, her own love story is flipped upside down. Could her old feelings be coming back for the guy who never thought of her as more than just a little sister?

But when the town’s matchmakers insert their nose a little too far, Beth jokingly suggests they pull one of Garrett’s pranks he’s so famous for and “pretend” to date to get back at them.

Never did she think he’d agree.

What has she gotten herself into?

Also available in the 3-in-1 novella collection, A Side of Faith, Hope, and Love.